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Thank you for your interest in GX Sciences and our testing. We have updated our company policy where we are unable to provide contact information of our GX Sciences Providers directly to inquiring patients, customers, or other interested parties.

As a reminder – other than our myNutriGen and TeloTest that can be ordered “direct to consumer” at retail pricing: our testing can only be ordered via a registered GX Sciences Provider. We are happy to forward your information to GX Providers in or around your state (if available), or those who are able to offer “telemedicine” services, so they can reach out to you directly about ordering testing.

If interested: please submit the “Contact Us” form below.

Please note: We will not forward your information until you confirm you are a patient (or assisting a patient) and that you’d like us to forward your information and inquiry to a small list of relevant providers.

Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you again for your interest in GX Sciences. We look forward to helping you connect to the right provider.

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