2021 Year End Deals List

We’d like to extend warm wishes for happy holidays and a happy new year, and for a limited time offer year end discounts and deals that providers can take advantage of; exclusive to certified or licensed providers.

(Offers expired after 12/31/21. Be notified of future promotions by subscribing to our email list)

Terms and Conditions: Offers valid for digital purchases only. GX Provider Portal discount valid only for Pro7, NutriGen, and TrichoTest pre-paid bulk orders in the Orderable Products section, and can only be used in the online portal (write-ins on requisition forms or emails will NOT be accepted). Teachable training course discount may be used for multiple course enrollments as separate transactions. If interested in limiting to one purchase for multiple courses – please contact us. $100 additional starting account credit only valid for new providers who are not already a qualified GX Sciences registered provider, is $200 in total new account starting credit, and only valid for 30 days after registration is approved.