Welcome to GX Sciences test ordering page for prospective providers. Prior to opening a provider account, you can order one genetic test kit box with one or more panels selected for yourself, a family member, or a patient. If you would like another test kit, you will need to place a separate order or contact your Account Manager. This allows you to quickly order one test kit to try before completing the onboarding process of opening a provider account and training.  

The benefits of opening a provider account include:

  • Free access to educational materials, such as webinars and podcasts on our tests
  • Free access to marketing materials
  • Free access to a Clinical Educator to help review and understand reports for your patients.
  • Unlimited access to an Account Manager to help you navigate ordering and pricing. 
  • Special bulk pricing wholesale discounts
  • Secure HIPPA complaint platform to download, receive and organize patient reports.

*This page allows you to order one test kit with multiple panels. If you would like to order additional tests, please fill out this contact form and your Account Manager will contact you with next steps.

Just like all of our genomic testing - the steps are simple:

Order the test kit online to be shipped to the desired address. Return shipping in the US is FREE!

After receiving your test kit, register your test kit online, collect the sample with a 1-minute buccal swab, fill out the requisition form, and ship the sample and the req form back to the lab in the prepaid envelope.

The lab will analyze your sample and your report will be emailed to you in 5 to 10 business days using a HIPPA compliant secure message.

Are you a Registered GX Provider?
If so, you may place orders at special provider pricing in our portal.

Not a registered provider yet? Submit our online registration form with your credentials and gain provider access and special provider pricing.

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