Newsletter - April 7th, 2022

Checking DNA and Biological Aging with TeloTest™: Out Now!

We have officially started rolling out TeloTest™, both to our providers and partners at special pricing, and direct-to-consumer at standard retail pricing. This test is focused on analyzing a key aspect of our biology (the length of the telomeres on chromosomes) to quantify a “biological” age compared to annual aging: all by taking a convenient and painless cheek swab like our other genetic tests. It’s a fun yet insightful test to start understanding how well patients are cellularly aging, and how to delay premature aging, while personalizing and providing simple tips to optimize results for retesting at a later time. Better yet – we’re selling these tests for an excellent value: typically less than half the cost of comparable tests!

Why is it relevant?

Earth Day 2022 will be celebrated on April 22nd. The Earth Day Organization has named this year’s theme #InvestInOurPlanet. As we invest time in cleaning up our communities, we should also consider our body’s ability to clean itself. The term “Autophagy” means “self-eating.” This natural cleansing process acts as the “trash man” by cleaning out damaged cells. Essential cellular components are recycled into new cells, while damaged parts are disposed of.1 Genetic factors that play a role in autophagy-related issues is necessary for maintaining cellular health and preventing growth of malicious cells.

Why is it important?

Testing a patient’s genetic predisposition to autophagy-related issues is helpful in identifying the efficiency of their internal cellular recycling system. Our comprehensive nutrigenomic panel, Autophagy, identifies underlying contributing factors to auto-immune issues, neurological diseases, detoxification issues, family history of cancers and complications with the liver, kidney, and pancreas. The GX Sciences Autophagy genetic test focuses on 11+ gene variants (SNPs) that play a significant role in an individual’s ability to control or resolve autophagy-related issues. Genetic findings and interpretations through the GX Sciences supplementation report can help identify how a patient’s body effectively utilizes autophagy, as well as nutrients and supplements that would be beneficial for optimizing health.

Key Genes from the Autophagy Panel

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