GX Sciences is an advanced genetic testing company / laboratory based in Austin, TX that empowers providers and their patients with the most comprehensive Nutrigenomic (NGx) and Pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing interpretation platform available. Our customized reporting platform is specifically designed for medical professionals by medical professionals and allows the provider to validate a patient’s specific nutritional needs, laboratory recommendations, lifestyle recommendations, and health precautions based on the patient’s individual DNA findings. GX Sciences is specifically designed to offer healthcare professionals customizable, easy-to-use, scientifically validated genetics and laboratory reports to provide health and recovery to their patients through personalizing medicine and treatment; all with a typical average in-house lab turn around time of only 5 to 10 business days.

myNutriGen™ is our first direct to consumer test and is now available to order online. Start taking control over your own diet and wellness with an insightful genetic test to personalize your journey for half the cost of other tests out there. As with all of our testing, your privacy is respected and your data is not sold to 3rd parties. After ordering – gain access to an exclusive list of licensed, certified experts ready to help continue your journey. Use code “SITE5” for an additional 5% off!

TeloTest™ effectively measures a key aspect of cellular reproduction (telomere lengths) in order to quantify the degree of cellular aging at the time of sampling. The result is a simple report comparing your “biological age” to your real age, suggesting how far ahead (or behind) you are in how well you are aging at the cellular level. Personalize how to delay premature aging, or help validate that you’re on the right track. Use code “SITE5” for an additional 5% off!

AcneTest use an advanced, pharmacogenomics-centered algorithm that assesses skin genetic predisposition and patient anamnesis to guide and improve the treatment of acne. 

Our fully customizable nutrigenomic health panels analyze over 17 key health areas to provide wider ranges of nutritional recommendations based on scientific validation of unique needs.

NutriGen™ is a provider-centric comprehensive diet, wellness, and weight management panel analyzing over 300 genetic markers and considers over 550 foods to better personalize patient’s goals.

TrichoTest™ is a specialized innovative genetic test that supports practitioners, prescribers, and other licensed healthcare professionals to personalize alopecia (hair loss) treatments for their patients.
TeloTest™ measures key aspects of cellular reproduction to quantify biological aging. The result is a simple report comparing patients’ “biological age” to real age. Personalize anti-aging recommendations for patients.
Diet & Wellness (myNutriGen™)

Our fully customizable nutrigenomic health panels analyze over 17 key health areas to provide a wider range of nutritional recommendations based on scientific validation of a patient’s specific needs.

Biological Aging (TeloTest™)

This comprehensive diet, wellness, and weight loss management panel analyzes over 300 genetic markers and considers over 800 foods to recommend an optimal diet for patient’s to reach their goals.

What is NutriGenomics and why test for it?

NutriGenomics is the interaction of nutrients, diet, and the way our genes work. By doing a simple cheek swab we can analyze each patient’s genetic blueprint at our in-house, US based lab and help providers determine what diet and nutrients they need to maintain optimal health and wellness for the rest of their lives.

GX Sciences can help you achieve a higher patient satisfaction and success rate by:

  • Determining each patient’s unique genetic-based metabolic needs
  • Providing the professional with the nutritional supplement(s) needed for each specific polymorphism (SNP)
  • Taking the “guesswork” out of complex biochemical pathways
  • Suggesting compressed formula options for better patient compliance and cost effectiveness
  • Providing the necessary tools to build your knowledge base and expertise in this field

For Providers: Our Goal Is To Assist in Recommending:

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