How it works

Unlock personalized health insights with a simple swab using our user-friendly buccal collection kit.

Get your optimal treatment in 4 simple steps

1. Recieve Kit

After placing your order, kindly complete and sign the Test Requisition Form. For tests requiring a questionnaire, refer to details below.

2. DNA Collection

Remove swab from package and twist open vial. Carefully hold stem of the swab and aviod touching tip with fingers or other surfaces. Firmly swab right side of cheek using a back and forth brushing motion while rotating swab. Continue for at least 30 seconds then repeat process on the left side of cheek.

3. Send Sample

Return swab back into vial immediately and close lid tight. Fill out and apply patient identifier sticker to vial length-wise, covering the original sticker on the tube (do not wrap around). Insert into bio-hazard bag and place bag into prepaid shipping envelope along with completed Test Requisition Form. Drop off at any USPS mailbox or post office.

4. Results

Once the specimen has been recieved and processed at the Fagron Genomics US lab, you will be notified by your provider when the results are avaliable.

Completing the Questionnaire:

For tests requiring a questionnaire, it is crucial to provide the necessary information for accurate processing. Follow the steps below to fill out the questionnaire:
Required Tests: AcneTest, Nutrigen, TrichoTest, MyNutrigen, and TeloTest

Still Curious About the Process?

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For clinical guidance or assistance with panel selection, providers may schedule a consultation with one of our Corporate Educators. Please email us at for more information.
Once your patient’s report is complete, you will be notified via email that you are able to access the report in your Provider Portal. To view the report, simply login to your portal and navigate to the View Existing Orders/Reports section. Here you will also be able to check the status of other orders you have placed as well as view old reports.
Please feel free to call us at 844-258-5564 or email us at and let us know how we can help. To maintain HIPAA compliance we send secure, encrypted emails when appropriate.
Once kits are registered, Fagron Genomics US receives a valid sample at the lab, and all required forms are completed and delivered successfully, we expect an average typical lab turnaround time of 5-7 business days to generate a report to the Provider’s Account via the Provider Portal, or in the case of direct-to-consumer orders, via their DTC account they created when registering their kits. It’s important to note that Fagron Genomics US can’t account for outside variabilities such as shipping times, invalid samples, incomplete forms and questionnaires, etc, although we do our very best to communicate and help resolve these issues where possible.

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