Frequently Asked Questions

Provider Info

Registered providers can login to with their provided username and password. If you are registered and forgot your password, simply click the “Forgot Password?” link to reset your password via sent email.

The most efficient way to start the registration process is to fill out our New Account Signup (NASU) Form online by visiting

Please schedule a meeting with our Corporate Clinical Educator via Calendly by visiting

Please feel free to call us at 844-258-5564 or email us at and let us know how we can help. To maintain HIPAA compliance we send secure, encrypted emails when appropriate.

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on working directly with several providers and partners who trust us to private-label (aka white label) reports to strengthen their brands. If you are a provider or potential partner who is interested please contact us right away or schedule a free consultation with us.

For clinical guidance or assistance with panel selection, providers may schedule a consultation with our Corporate Educator, Piper Gibson, by visiting:

If you are an existing, registered GX Provider, simply login to and navigate to our Resources section. New providers can access the portal by becoming registered, starting with filling out our online New Account Signup (NASU) Form. Providers not registered yet and are interested in learning more first can receive resources by request by contacting us, and better yet can schedule a quick free consultation with us where an Account Manager will send over and review resources to help see if GX testing is right for your practice.

If you have received the result variant Undetermined (UND), this indicates that we were not able to determine your carrier status based on your raw data

Providers can schedule a consultation with our Corporate Educator, Piper Gibson, to go over their first few reports by visiting There are also educational and training materials available for Providers in the Provider Portal.

Patient Info

GX Sciences works through partnerships with licensed and certified providers and partners to ultimately deliver testing to patients. In order to get patients to the right healthcare professional that’s best fit for their needs we refer patients to providers via our internal directory. Please contact us for help in receiving these referrals.

While GX Sciences creates, runs, maintains, and delivers test reports all in house at our lab, we do not currently allow direct interpretations to patients regardless of the provider they worked with. Only a dedicated, licensed medical professional can consult, interpret, and recommend treatment plans directly to patients. We will, however, do our very best to reconnect patients with a new licensed, registered provider. Please contact us for assistance.

The report format is the only option to receive genetic data from us at this time, per our guidelines with the lab. We cannot supply raw data to patients.

While we’re aware that other companies and services may offer this type of service, GX Sciences currently cannot accept raw data files and reports from other labs and companies to generate GX reports for patients. We work exclusively with our registered providers and partners to generate quality reports on their behalf that are analyzed in our in-house lab. Further: it’s at your provider’s discretion to accept multiple test reports, by GX or otherwise, to help inform their recommendations to their patients.

Order Turnaround Times

Once kits are registered, GX Sciences receives a valid sample at the lab, and all required forms are completed and delivered successfully, we expect an average typical lab turnaround time of 5-10 business days to generate a report to the Provider’s Account via the Provider Portal, or in the case of direct-to-consumer orders, via their DTC account they created when registering their kits. It’s important to note that GX Sciences can’t account for outside variabilities such as shipping times, invalid samples, incomplete forms and questionnaires, etc, although we do our very best to communicate and help resolve these issues where possible.


Yes! GX Sciences generates, delivers, and maintains all patient records privately and securely, with HIPAA and CLIA/COLA compliance and standards being a top priority. GX Sciences does not give or sell any data to third parties. When working with providers: patient data is securely stored via our Provider Portal and securely accessed by each patient’s provider. With direct-to-consumer orders: patient data and reports are presented directly to the patient via the direct-to-consumer account that is created when kits are registered. Registered patients can choose to share this provided information at their sole discretion.

Registration for Providers

MD, DO, DC, APRN, NP, OD, PharmD, RPh, FNP, PA, RD, ND, CCN. Other credentialed providers may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.


Yes, kits can be ordered for the office or drop shipped directly to the patient. Each kit contains prepaid shipping to reduce hassle and cost when patients or providers send samples back to the lab.

Yes, we are able to ship to other countries on a case-by-case basis. However, please note international shipping fees and delays may apply/occur, and the client is responsible for arranging return shipment to the lab.


No, we are a cash-pay business and we do not accept any type of insurance for any of our testing at this time. Therefore, we do not offer CPT codes for our testing.

The MSRP Price is at the discretion of the provider, however, we generally recommend a minimum of 20% above the Provider price.

Our Lab

GX Sciences is proud to be BOTH the company and the laboratory that offers, and runs, all of our testing in-house. Other testing companies outsource their testing to labs elsewhere, sometimes in other countries entirely, and the companies themselves are simply marketing and sales to generate business.