Personalizing Diet, Wellness, and Weight-Loss Planning

An innovative, comprehensive genetic test for personalizing diet, wellness, and weight loss planning: NutriGen is the most complete nutrigenomic analysis in the market related to weight loss, response to exercise, intolerances and nutritional needs, among others, with 363 (3×121) genetic variations (SNPs) analyzed. We use state-of-the-art technology based on DNA OpenArrays that have more than 99% reproducibility and sensitivity. The NutriGen report proposes a dietary plan considering 550+ foods and a 3-phase supplementation program based on the patient’s genetic profile and medical history. The NutriGen panel can be an essential tool for nutritionists and other healthcare professionals who help patients personalize their weight-management and overall health, especially for patients who have tried other regiments before with little to no success.

About NutriGen and Nutrigenomic Testing

Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are the most frequent type of DNA variation found in humans. Characterization and analysis of particular SNPs may help understand an individual’s response to certain foods, supplements, drugs, levels of exercise, and more. We call this Nutrigenomic (NGx) Testing.

NutriGen analyzes both genetic factors and other relevant characteristics – extrinsic factors – obtained through a medical history of the patient. This process provides a full understanding about the underlaying factors related with weight gain.

Just like all of our genomic testing - as soon as the provider is registered the steps are simple:

1. Kits are ordered via exclusive online portal and sent to either the practice’s office or drop shipped directly to the patient’s home.

2. A DNA sample is collected via 1-minute buccal cheek swab, a questionnaire is filled out, and both are easily sent back directly to the GX Sciences lab.

3. GX Sciences will process each patient’s sample, and typically within just 5 – 7 business will upload each report to the provider’s online portal account.

4. The provider goes over the report with each patient and recommends lifestyle and diet changes.

Genetic factors determine between 40% - 70% of an individual's BMI.

Patients are more motivated to follow a healthier diet and maintain a healthier lifestyle when the dietary advice provided is personalized and based on their genetic profile.

Learn More about NutriGen as a Provider

Learn more about the overall benefits of NutriGen testing, what is analyzed, and how to better interpret the results of the NutriGen reports by enrolling for our exclusive NutriGen Online Training Course. For a limited time: we’re offering introductory pricing that’s bundled with one complimentary NutriGen kit for each GX registered provider that signs up. Take the test and gain the perspective of how patients can benefit; all while gaining a deeper understanding of how GX Sciences supports your development of personalized treatment options. You also gain exclusive access to GX Sciences’ Corporate Educator for scheduling dedicated calls to answer any questions you may have.

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