Genetic awareness to personalize acne treatment.

Provides personalized Acne treatment prescriptions to achieve optimal results.

Dermatological skin conditions are a large number of clinical manifestations that can affect between 30% and 70% of the population worldwide1, and they can vary greatly in symptoms and severity. In the United States, they can affect one in every three Americans, and in 2013, skin diseases were responsible for $ 75 billion in costs to the healthcare system. In Europe, more than 40% of the population has already reported some kind of skin condition1,2.

The test aims to provide relevant clinical information to improve the treatment of acne. Recommended prescriptions were assembled in accordance with the best clinical practices and international guidelines to ensure that the resulting report significantly improves healthcare outcomes and understanding.

About AcneTest

AcneTest use an advanced, pharmacogenomics-centered algorithm that assesses skin genetic predisposition and patient anamnesis to guide and improve the treatment of acne. AcneTest evaluates 29 SNPs, single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) curated and reviewed by our team of clinicians. 

Our test is a pharmacogenomics-centered test intended to guide and personalize the treatment of acne by combining genetic data with relevant patient anamnesis through an advanced algorithm. The results help dermatologists personalize acne treatment and prevent permanent scarring and hyperpigmentation.

Recommends the most appropriate formulas to prescribe the best treatment to achieve optimal results.

As soon as the provider is registered the steps are simple:

1. Kits are ordered via exclusive online portal and sent to either the practice’s office or drop shipped directly to the patient’s home.

2. A DNA sample is collected via 1-minute buccal cheek swab, a questionnaire is filled out, and both are easily sent back to the GX Sciences lab.

3. GX Sciences will process each patient’s sample, and within just 5 – 7 business will upload each report to the provider’s online portal account.

4. The licensed provider recommends and prescribes personalized treatment plans to each patient.

Learn More about AcneTest as a Provider

Learn more about the overall benefits of genomic testing, what is analyzed, and how to better interpret the results by signing up for our exclusive AcneTest Online Training Course. Take the test and gain the perspective of how patients can benefit; all while gaining a deeper understanding of how GX Sciences supports your development of personalized treatment options. You also gain exclusive access to GX Sciences’ Corporate Educator for scheduling dedicated calls to answer any questions you may have.

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