Introduction & Panel Overview

GX Sciences is a CLIA certified advanced genetic testing company and laboratory based in Austin, TX that empowers providers with the most comprehensive and customizable Nutrigenomic and Pharmacogenomic testing and blood analysis interpretation platform available to offer their patients. Our customized reporting platform is specifically designed for medical professionals by medical professionals, and allows the provider to validate a patient’s specific nutritional needs, laboratory recommendations, lifestyle recommendations, and health precautions based on the patient’s individual DNA findings. GX Sciences is specifically designed to offer healthcare professionals and their patients easy-to-use, scientifically validated genetics and laboratory reports to provide health and recovery through personalizing medicine.

GX Sciences offers 16 GX panels that analyze key health areas to provide a wider range of nutritional recommendations based on scientific validation of a patient’s specific needs. These health areas include:

  • Methylation
  • Immune Support
  • Neurological Pathways
  • Chronic Pain
  • Developmental Health
  • Early Childhood
  • Neurotransmitter Metabolism
  • Gastrointestinal Function
  • Autophagy Efficacy
  • Detoxification
  • Women’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Pre-Surgical Precautions
  • Traumatic Brain Injury / Post-Concussion issues
  • Essential Vitamins

In addition, we provide 5 Specialty Panels. These panels include NutriGen, TrichoTest, Pharmacogenomics, TeloTest and myNutriGen. The NutriGen panel is a provider-centric comprehensive diet, wellness, and weight loss management panel analyzes over 300 genetic markers and considers over 550 foods to recommend an optimal diet for patients to reach their goals. The myNutriGen test is a patient facing variation of the NutriGen diet and wellness platform, providing unique genetic insight and education while suggesting optimal diet and weight-management paths. The TrichoTest is a specialized innovative genetic test that supports licensed healthcare professionals to personalize alopecia (hair loss) treatments for their patients. Our Pharmacogenomic (PGx) test is FDA approved and evaluates variants that affect the body’s response to medications, which providers can use to determine which medications are appropriate for their patient. The TeloTest is an innovative, re-testable, genetic test that measures the length of telomeres in order to quantify the degree of cellular aging of the patient at the time of sampling, and is offered to providers at special pricing while it is also offered direct to consumer at retail pricing.

Introducing our Corporate Clinical Educator: Lauri Armstrong, M.S, CLT

Lauri Armstrong has recently joined the GX Sciences team as our Corporate Clinical Educator. Lauri works one-on-one with practitioners to interpret genetic reports and explain ways on how to best clinically implement the testing we offer. Her credentials and experience as a valued, certified GX Sciences provider are an excellent fit in bringing an extensive education platform to our practitioners. Here’s Lauri’s intro:

“I started in the health industry in 1983 at a health food store, and 1 year later added teaching high impact aerobics. That is when my interest started in health and nutrition. I received my bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from Texas Women’s University and spent over a decade helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. My focus of interest began to change to focus more on nutritional biochemistry, and then I learned of the newly emerging field of nutrigenomics, and I was fascinated! I had to learn more! After earning a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, an opportunity to work in the field presented itself and I jumped in! Along the way, I was fortunate enough to attend a convention where I first heard Dr. Stewart lecture and again, I was fascinated with his knowledge and simplified way of presenting complex information. The opportunity to work with GX Sciences is a dream come true!”

For consultations and interpretations, call us at 844-258-5564 or contact us today.

Celebrating DNA Day and Laboratory Day with Special Offers

World Laboratory Day is April 24th, and coincidentally National DNA Day is the day after, on April 25th. It’s sincerely our pleasure to serve our valued providers, partners, and their patients with exceptional, privacy-centric testing services, training, and education from our genetics lab here in Austin, TX. We continue to grow and improve, while maintaining the same mission and philosophies that our founders envisioned for GX Sciences. We are proud to deliver genetic SNP testing services that can help change lives for the better, and are proud to have you with us on the journey!

To celebrate – we’re offering exclusive, limited-time promotions and offers to both new and existing providers who follow our periodic news and updates:

New Providers: Get an additional $100 in starting account credit ($200 total) after scheduling a FREE provider consultation and demo and qualifying. Plus, earn a free Training Course!

The above promo has expired, but don’t worry. Continue to follow GX Sciences via email, as well as LinkedIn, for new promotional offerings to take advantage of. 

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