Clinical Case Studies Utilizing Advanced Nutrigenomic Testing

In Person & Streaming Live on Friday, February 25th, 2022 from 12:30pm - 5:30pm

At the Archer Hotel – Austin, TX (and Virtual)
With NutriGenomic Expert Kendal Stewart, MD

Ideal for providers beginning their journey of utilizing the value of personalizing medicine through genomic and microsampling technology; this workshop is for clinicians of all backgrounds who are interested in mastering the use of Nutrigenomic testing in their everyday practice. Although nutrigenomics may be relatively new to some providers, many have added this type of testing to their treatment protocols and their practices, and this event will help tell you the why and how.

Join GX Sciences, Neurobiologix, and Dr. Kendal Stewart on February 25th, 2022 for an enlightening case studies workshop event where Dr. Stewart will share real patient case studies, successful protocols and current medical guidance utilizing GX Sciences’ Foundation, Immune / Auto-Immune and Developmental panels. Dr. Stewart will guide you through numerous cases that are clinically applicable and vary from easy to more complex in nature. We will focus on utilizing nutrigenomics testing as an objective means to appropriately prescribe nutraceuticals and naturally based pharmaceuticals.

During this event you will:

Kendal Stewart, MD, will share his knowledge of his own clinical protocols and case studies from past and ongoing patients. He will also teach you that through personal experience, which lab tests you may need to drop ship to your patients and how to appropriately follow up and assess their results virtually or in clinic.

(SOLD OUT): The first 50 paying attendees will receive one (1) complimentary TeloTest™ from GX Sciences. Those in person can receive their kits during the event, and those who attend virtually, or don’t pick up their kit at the event will be drop-shipped their kits.

This workshop encompasses a wide range of primary care, specialty, and sub-specialty topics that will give insight to those clinicians bringing new and existing nutrigenomic users a complete understanding of how this testing is used.

Event and Registration Details

All attendees will receive presentation slides to download prior to the course and a Certificate of Completion will be provided along with a recording of the course after the event.

For more information about the event please email or call Neurobiologix at 512-420-3939.