GX Sciences and GetHairMD™ Partner to Unlock Personalized Solutions for Hair Loss

Hair loss affects millions of individuals worldwide, causing distress and a significant impact on self-esteem. However, thanks to groundbreaking advancements in genetic testing, personalized solutions for hair loss are now within reach. GX Sciences, a leading provider of genetic testing services, has partnered with GetHairMD™, a leading provider of hair loss treatment solutions, to offer a specialized pretreatment oral swab genetic test to its patients. This collaboration empowers practitioners to create personalized treatment plans based on patients’ individual genetic profiles.

The key to successful hair loss treatments lies in personalization, and that is precisely what GX Sciences’ genetic test offers. 3 polymorphisms within 16 SNPs, resulting in 48 (3×16) genetic variations related to alopecia (hair loss), are analyzed using state-of-the-art DNA OpenArray technology that is 99.9% reproducible. Armed with a patient’s genetic profile, practitioners at GetHairMD™ can then develop tailored treatment plans that target the root causes of hair loss. By identifying genetic variants related to hair loss, the test enables precise treatment recommendations, optimizing the chances of successful outcomes for patients.

GetHairMD™ has long been recognized as a trusted provider of hair loss treatment solutions. Their commitment to pursuing the most advanced diagnostic and treatment options aligns perfectly with GX Sciences’ mission. In addition to incorporating the specialized pretreatment oral swab genetic test, GetHairMD™ offers a comprehensive range of FDA-cleared non-invasive treatments.

GX Sciences’ partnership with GetHairMD™ displays a commitment to personalized medicine. By harnessing the power of genetics, these two industry leaders are at the forefront of providing custom solutions for individuals struggling with hair loss. Together, GX Sciences and GetHairMD™ are reshaping the future of hair loss treatments, offering renewed hope and confidence to patients.

Read the Full Press Release: 

To learn more about this partnership and the specialized pretreatment oral swab genetic test, we invite you to read the full press release here. Discover how GX Sciences and GetHairMD™ are revolutionizing hair loss treatments and empowering patients with personalized solutions.

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