About Detoxification Panel

The Fagron Genomics US Detoxification Panel helps providers analyze and identify underlying contributing factors to weight loss problems, gut complications, auto-immune issues, fatigue, and detoxification issues. This panel currently focuses on specific gene variants (SNPs) that can play a significant role in a patient’s ability to control or resolve complications related to “detox” struggles. Genetic findings and interpretations through the Fagron Genomics US analysis and reporting system can help determine:  
  • Inadequate glutathione absorption, metabolism & function
  • Poor defense against free radicals
  • Insufficiencies in the protective properties of antioxidants  
Additional Polymorphism Information:
AHCY (aka homocysteine aldolase) is the enzyme responsible for converting S-adenosyl homocysteine to homocysteine. Its’ cofactor is NAD+. The result of this mutation is a low homocysteine and therefore low down pathway substrates including Cystathione, NAC, and ultimately glutathione. This causes the methionine recirculation pathway to be insufficient and that SAMe or L-Methionine would be helpful in most situations.
With an AHCY homozygous polymorphism, It is recommend adding SAMe (L-methionine), mitochondria support to increase the production of NAD+ and consider utilizing glutathione in a topical, oral or IV fashion.
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