Why Choose The Pro7 Nutrigenomic Report?

Our Pro7 Comprehensive Panel analyzes 7 areas of health hand selected by our experts and provides nutritional recommendations and health information based on scientific validation of a patient’s specific needs in these key areas:
Methylation | Neurotransmitter Processing | Mitochondrial Function | Detoxification | Neuro-Inflammatory Potential | External Inflammatory Potential | Health Precautions

The Pro7 Panel is indicated for:

  • Patients who are overall healthy and desire nutritional guidance.
  • Patients with no significant family history of disease.
  • Designing an overall health plan, fitness regimen or anti-aging program.
  • Children with healthy family histories.
  • Basic problems with intestinal health and allergies.
Please note that our genetic testing services are exclusively available to healthcare providers. Patients interested in our tests should contact their healthcare provider for more information and to request testing.

Comprehensive optimal treatment in 4 steps

1. Order Kit​

First, kits are ordered via exclusive online portal and sent to either the practice’s office or drop shipped directly to the patient’s home.

2. DNA Collection

Next, a DNA sample is collected via 1-minute buccal cheek swab, a questionnaire is filled out, and both are easily sent back directly to the Fagron Genomics US lab.

3. Send Sample

Then Fagron Genomics US will process each patient’s sample, and typically within just 5 – 7 business will upload each report to the provider’s online portal account.

4. Results

Finally, the provider goes over the report with each patient and recommends lifestyle and diet changes.

Become a Pro7 "Pro"

It’s now even easier to become a Pro7 “Pro” with the launch of the Pro7 Teachable Training Course. Intended for providers and partners that would like to gain a deeper understanding of our Pro7 panel; the course includes one complimentary provider test kit to try on themselves for personalized learning.

By the end of the course providers will gain direct, applicable knowledge of how to:

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