About Sport Panel

Sport Panel is a genetic test that provides key information to establish the best personalized training plan for athletes. The genetic results are intended to help healthcare professionals and sports medicine specialists guide their patients to achieve maximum athletic performance while preserving their health. Providing information on predispositions and risks associated with an individual’s athletic performance, this test analyzes:

Genetic Variations Analyzed

Physical Aspects

Diet Aspects

Injury Aspects

Supplement and Vitamin Aspects

Psychological Aspects

30% to 80% of the differences between individuals related to sports performance have a genetic basis.

Understanding Genetic Influence on Athletic Performance

Athletic performance is a complex human trait influenced by multiple factors such as genetics, body morphology, endurance, strength, power, cognitive factors and injury proneness. In recent years, several single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) have been associated with performance in terms of power and endurance in elite athletes.

Sport Panel Offers

Sport DNA collection sample kit

Detailed patient genetic report

Personalized training plan

Sport Panel Report

Fagron Sport Panel evaluates 100 genetic variants with the intention of informing about predispositions and risks associated with individual athletic performance. This information should be integrated with physical (eg, age, gender, body mass index, VO2 max, etc.) and behavioral (eg, eating habits, physical activity, etc.) characteristics to establish the best personalized training plan.

Just like all of our genomic testing - as soon as the provider is registered the steps are simple:

1. Order Kit

First, kits are ordered via exclusive online portal and sent to either the practice’s office or drop shipped directly to the patient’s home.

2. DNA Collection

Next, a DNA sample is collected via 1-minute buccal cheek swab, a questionnaire is filled out, and both are easily sent back directly to the Fagron Genomics US lab.

3. Send Sample

Then Fagron Genomics US will process each patient’s sample, and typically within just 5 – 7 business will upload each report to the provider’s online portal account.

4. Results

Finally, the provider goes over the report with each patient and recommends lifestyle and diet changes.
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