Newsletter - January 13th, 2022

Tests on the Horizon

GX Sciences is gearing up to offer exciting ways for patients and providers to gain more insight into biological aging and diet & wellness in the new year with the upcoming rollout of TeloTest™ and myNutriGen™. Both with be available as direct to consumer tests with the goal of highly recommending to connect with certified GX providers to continue their journeys. More specific details will be announced in the coming weeks, including how providers can be recommended and how to order.

Details on myNutriGen™:

  • myNutriGen™ is a more patient-oriented, less-clinical version of our NutriGen™ diet, wellness, and weight-management panel.
  • Intended for patients who insist on purchasing and seeing their DNA test for diet & wellness first – our goal is to connect them with licensed, certified GX Providers after purchases via a special directory page of opted-in practices and their information.
  • Licensed providers who are interested in opting-in to be featured on this directory can let us know by contacting us, and must have completed our NutriGen™ Training Course.
  • More details to be announced soon.

Details on TeloTest™:

  • TeloTest™ is a simple yet insightful, non-clinical, repeatable biomarker DNA panel that analyzes an individuals telomere length, with basic supplement and lifestyle recommendations on how to slow telomere shortening.
  • You may recall that we announced development and pre-orders for providers late last year, and now we plan to rollout TeloTest™ orders starting in the coming weeks, with reports generated mid to late Q1 2022.
  • Patients will be referred to our Find A Provider directory if they purchase via direct to consumer.
  • More details to be announced soon. Read more about why it’s relevant and why it’s important below.

Why is it relevant?

Telomeres are structures of DNA present at the ends of chromosomes in the form of repeats. Its function is to protect the chromosome from genetic errors and external and internal damage. Telomere length is one of the most accurate biomarkers of the passage of time in the body, and studies suggest keeping them long allows us to live longer and delay the onset of related disease. GX Sciences strives to educate our practitioners about genetic and environmental factors that could explain symptoms associated with premature aging.

Why is it important?

Environmental factors, lifestyle habits, diet, exercise, and stress are some factors that can influence premature aging and has great potential to reduce the rate of telomere shortening, or prevent excessive telomere attrition (Source). Our genetic test, TeloTest™, measures the length of telomeres in order to quantify the degree of cellular aging of the organism at the time of sampling. Genetic findings and interpretations through the GX Sciences report can help determine DNA age and interpretation, personalizing treatment plans and specializing support from GX Providers. Individuals that might benefit from this test include the following:

  • Men or women, over the age of 30, that are concerned about their aging process and desire to find solutions to slow it down.
  • Individuals with family history of early aging or development of medical conditions that contribute to it.
  • Patients interested in having a specific and complete follow-up of their aging process during their lifetime.
  • Those looking to obtain recommendations for an effective and personalized anti-aging treatment.

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