While our primary focus revolves around genes, we acknowledge the pivotal role that telomeres play in the aging process. TeloTest™ is a cutting-edge addition to our offerings that provides a comprehensive understanding of your health from a telomeric perspective.
What exactly are telomeres? Telomeres are akin to the protective caps situated at the ends of your chromosomes, serving as guardians of your DNA integrity. As the natural aging process unfolds, these telomeres inevitably shorten. The rate at which this shortening occurs can serve as a valuable indicator of the pace at which your cells are aging.
At Fagron Genomics US, we provide comprehensive insights into telomere length, comparing it to the average length within your age group. Why is this knowledge essential? Well, shorter telomeres have been correlated with the premature onset of various age-related health conditions, including coronary heart disease, diabetes, elevated cancer risk, and osteoporosis.
By incorporating telomere analysis into our suite of services, we offer healthcare professionals and their patients a holistic view of health and aging. The TeloTest™ empowers you to comprehend how your telomere length may influence your overall well-being and aging trajectory.